Path of Curiosity: A Writers Group for Non-Writers

We are stories, every one of us. We tell stories 24/7—about others, but most important are the stories we tell ourselves (unconscious or conscious).

Perhaps in your healing journey, or in life, you have relied upon your family, healthcare providers and friends to tell your story?  Do you yearn to tell your own story?  Writing is one of the most powerful ways to make meaning. YOU can change the narrative of YOUR story – or even tell a new story!  

Nobody knows what it's like to be you.

Through Ted Talks, book passages, writing prompts, and sharing, we will playfully explore writing every week. Giving you a new way to think about life, and healing. 

Who am I?

A mom,
A published writer, 
A blogger,

A Spiritual Director,
A facilitator,

And...a stroke survivor.

In 2013, I lost the ability to speak, to write, even sending a text took all night, because I lost my pronouns (the little words are everything!), words got short, I lost the ability to tell my story, at a time it would have been most valuable. Joan Didion says it best:

I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.

Thanks to a lot of hard work on my part and others, my therapists, my mom, friends, and came back slowly, and I'm still working on it, because healing is not an one-time proposition, instead healing goes on for the rest of your life. 

The experience of living changes you every day, especially during the tough times.  I encourage you embrace your life through writing, whether sad or happy or meh, to be compassionate with yourself, and to see your life in different way--a seekers way.



Who is this class for?

Anybody and everybody, regardless if you have grammar skills, or writing talent. Come with curiosity and a willingness to play.

Can you define "writing?"

Writing in the traditional sense (longhand or on the computer), but if speaking works for you, then you can record yourself. If you want to have someone you trust to write down your thoughts, that is fine, too. The group will have access to Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Do I have to share what I've written?

Nope...not with me, or with the group. It's all voluntary. If you are uncomfortable reading, but you would like to share, all methods are open--handing out your writing to the group, or someone can read it for you.

Will anybody provide feedback on my writing?

Not in the traditional sense (critiques or editing).  It’s really about attentive listening and compassionate witnessing of one another in a supportive and safe group.

What are the prompts?

Every week I will provide several questions for your consideration.  They will be open-ended, designed to spark a response within you.  My prompts may or may not speak to you; if you come with a desire to write about something else, you will receive welcome encouragement to do so!

The videos will vary weekly – carefully selected from the arts, music, medicine, alternative healing and inspirational stories of all kinds.

Will there be homework?

It’s totally up to you.  It’s possible that inspiration will begin to arise outside of our meetings.  Something may occur during the week – or you have a dream and realize you don’t want to forget it – and you feel the urge to explore further.  Or, if you’re like me, writing is really slow. And just maybe...even consideration of this group may already be stirring a response within you?

Have questions or to sign up, email me. And...
Stay open to inspiration!