She must learn again to speak
starting with I
starting with We
starting as the infant does
with her own true hunger
and pleasure
and rage.

-- Marge Piercy

Exprayeriment #10 -- The Art of Receiving

God, please open my eyes and my heart so that I may recognize and receive
the many gifts You have placed before me this day. 
Give me the ability to see myself as You see me - perfect and whole and free -
and the courage and willingness to claim what is mine as Your child. 
Guide me to use what I am given wisely
so that everything I do is a reflection of Your presence in my life.

-Alizabeth Rasmussen

Source: via Faith Squared on Pinterest

 Over the last few weeks we've focused a lot of energy on letting go, forgiving, and releasing.  As difficult as those things are, for some of us receiving is even harder.

So this week that's what we're going to practice...because that's what we do here (we practice the hard stuff).  :-)

As with forgiveness and letting go, you have countless opportunities throughout the day to cultivate receptivity.  Sometimes receiving is simply a matter of noticing and acknowledging God's presence in your day-to-day life.  The gift of a new day, the slant of the sunlight through the trees, the moments of connection with a family member, friend or beloved pet.  When you stop, however briefly, to "take it all in," to pause in awe or wonder, you are receiving well.  And from that place, authentic gratitude flows freely and effortlessly.  Your attention in these moments is your gift back to God.

It works the same way with the people in your life who God is working through.

What is your initial reaction when someone offers you a compliment?  Or lunch?  Or a favor?  Do you rush to offer a compliment in return or say "I'll get lunch next time" or begin planning how you might return that favor?

That's not receiving...that's some combination of bargaining, trading, and justifying.  And it limits God, because if you are unable to receive the "small" stuff, then receiving the new job, relationship, fill-in-the-blank that you've been praying for is going to be much more difficult.

Really good newsflash!  Getting better at receiving is NOT difficult.  And it's very for you (because you're receiving without resistance) and fun for those on the giving end (we're sure you've all had the experience of finding the PERFECT gift for someone).

The prayer above and the Catherine Ponder prayers below are designed to open your mind and your heart to all the wondrous things God has waiting for you.  As you say these prayers (ideally, out loud), focus your attention on something specific that you'd like to manifest.  And then simply pay attention to the opportunities put in front of you to practice receiving, and imagine that that compliment or lunch or favor (or whatever) is exactly what you've been praying for.

Because in a way, it is.

Let us know what you notice.  Click here to log in and leave your comments!

* * * * *

I am receiving, I am receiving now.  I am receiving all the good that God has for me now.

I am open and receptive to God's blessings in every phase of my life now.

God's promises are built upon a rock.  As I have asked I must receive.

Lord, you know best.  I know that Your will for me is greater good than I can possibly imagine.  I now let go and let my prayers be answered in Your highest and best way.  I now let go and let Your unlimited good flow into every situation.

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