She must learn again to speak
starting with I
starting with We
starting as the infant does
with her own true hunger
and pleasure
and rage.

-- Marge Piercy

Exprayeriment #9 -- Divine Protection


 Angel of protection, be with me.
Thank you for watching over me. 

Help me feel safe and at peace in the world,
knowing you and God are beside me,
guarding me always.

--Michele Morgan


What is safety? Can you be guaranteed that you will truly be safe in this modern, mixed-up world?

From a purely human standpoint, the answer is no. But from a place of spiritual connection the answer is a resounding YES!

True safety is being connected to God, knowing that no matter what may be happening to or around you in any given moment, you will always be guided to the perfect resource, the divine answer, the miraculous outcome.

Angels are a wonderful liaison between Man and God; readily identifiable icons that symbolize divine assistance. For this week’s Exprayeriment, choose an archangel, or make up a magical being—animal, angel or otherwise—with whom you can feel absolutely protected.

Choose the attributes that most resonate with you, and your experience of feeling safe and at peace in your world—such as strength, steadfastness, loyalty, courage, power, love, etc. And if you truly feel that you don’t know what it means to feel safe, imagine…trust your psyche to paint the picture and bring the feeling to life.

Once you have defined your guardian, it’s time to meet them! Sit quietly, and with the above prayer, call your angel to you. Picture them, feel their presence, hear the rustle of their wings…let yourself believe. Above all, feel the peace and comfort this divine being brings; rest in that feeling, and let your faith be amplified.

Then, throughout the day imagine your angel with you; feel their presence everywhere you go. Use the prayer to reconnect if you start to feel distanced.

And notice what happens as you walk in the world feeling divinely safe and protected!

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