She must learn again to speak
starting with I
starting with We
starting as the infant does
with her own true hunger
and pleasure
and rage.

-- Marge Piercy

Forgive Us For Being a Tease...Please?

Dearest Qrickets...

We've been having a ton of fun over at the EHQ as of late, especially during Exprayeriment #8, our Forgiveness Haiku Party -- otherwise known as "Hai Forgive Ku...and Myself, Too."

We feel the forgiveness-themed Haiku we amassed during week #8 is so good, in fact, that it deserves a larger audience. So, we decided to share it with all of our readers (that would be you, Qrickets) because we love you.

And -- full disclosure -- because we wrote all the Haiku ourselves. (With the exception of one...but it was written by a family member, so technically, it too, is one of ours.)  

And one further confession: we're sharing the Haiku because we totally want to tease those of you who have yet to commit to the EHQ. So if you've been thinking about signing up, or have been wondering what goes on inside the secret clubhouse, here's the tease:


You'll always have a

place in my life - you're the proof

of how much I've changed

 * * * * *

You hit the windshield
your wings like gold fire and I
forgot how to swerve

* * * * *

It's called practice but

it's more like rehearsal for

a play yet unpenned

  * * * * *

In a ravaged life

a prism of light can shine

through a broken heart

 * * * * * 

If only I knew

the story you live inside

compassion would win

  * * * * *

The mind insists on

right, wrong, black, white, fact, fiction;

the soul just wants peace

  * * * * *

Yesterday you hurt

tomorrow will be better

remember but learn

  * * * * *

You have walked on me

one too many times but now

I know your footsteps

 * * * * * 

Dude, you can't turn left

there; the sign says so, now move

I'm late for yoga

* * * * *

Send us your Haiku
put them in our comment box
please don't make us beg

* * * * *

If we have to beg
we will of course forgive our
silent orchestra

* * * * *

Join us in crafting
forgiveness in Haiku; it's
funner than you think

* * * * *

If you need more of an EHQ tease, click here.  And just because Exprayeriment #8 has ended doesn't mean the Haiku needs to.  Feel free to add your own forgiveness-themed Haiku to the collection.

For those who need a Haiku refresher, just remember 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.  Write a few and you'll be thinking syllabically, and what's more fun than that?!


Source: via Susan on Pinterest

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