She must learn again to speak
starting with I
starting with We
starting as the infant does
with her own true hunger
and pleasure
and rage.

-- Marge Piercy

What Do Top Ten Lists, Literary Policy, and Ricochet Rabbit Have In Common?

The Top Ten Advantages Of F2’s Creative Partnership

#10 Each of us believes the other is an amazing writer, 100% of the time.  Knowing this makes wrestling with our individual Inner Critics just a tad bit easier.

#9  When we’re in the middle of a creative collaboration and suddenly one of us sounds like we’re speaking in tongues, the other can not only interpret it, but can translate it into something fabulous.

#8  We can both show up to a work session, semi-comatose and completely uninspired, and by the end we’re channeling Ricochet Rabbit.  Like this:

#7  We’re both feminine.  Which makes it not only possible but perfectly acceptable for us to cover fifteen different topics in one conversation.  Sometimes in a single sentence.

#6  When it comes to cupcakes, one of us is always frosting and the other is always cake.

#5  We have both officially traded our aforementioned cupcake obsession for all-natural, hand-made, coconut/nut-butter/raw chocolate truffles.  (One of us wishes they were frosted.)

#4  We have a very strong work ethic and a precise, scientifically-proven formula for maximizing productivity: For every hour spent brainstorming/writing/dialoguing/ imaginating, there must be an equal amount of time spent in either Nordstrom or Sephora.  Preferably among the eye shadows.

#3  We are both full of half-baked ideas, which, when unabashedly shared with the other, are transformed into brilliant, cream-filled, frosted-with-sprinkles, Bon Appétit-worthy concepts complete with tiny, glitter-covered paper flags on toothpicks waving ceremoniously on top.

#2  Whenever one of us loses her faith, the other always has more than enough to spare.

And the number one advantage of F2's creative partnership?

Twenty-four-hour editing and grammar police.  Because typos never sleep.

And that brings us to the main point of this post, which is this:


We want you to let us know if any typographical or grammatical errors make their way into a blog post.  (See extreme examples above; hopefully ours will not even be close to the same caliber.*)

AND, if you are the first person to do so, you will get a special surprise from the F2 store!

Despite our best efforts, typos are bound to happen sooner and/or later.  Rather than simply being horrified when they do (and we will be), we thought we’d offer an incentive to our readers to point them out to us.  So please read carefully and speak up if you see something amiss!

One caveat: As previously mentioned, we both love to make up words.  Made-up words are Typos On Purpose (TOP's) and are therefore excluded from the typo policy.

* We drafted this post on Friday; on Saturday, Liz got this awesome pen in the mail and Michele spotted the sign at the High School while out walking her dog.  Proof that God reads our blog (even in draft form) and goes out of His way to amuse us.

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